Introduction to Kiara Sky Dipping Nail System

Kiara Sky complete at home dip system

Could you imagine not having to sit in the nail salon to get your nails done? Between having to wait your turn in line, having them rush through the process and nicking your cuticle causing you to bleed and the very jagged/rough edges that catch on everything makes you wonder why you keep going?

Lets be honest, we keep going because we want our nails to look nice. I liked the end result but I couldn’t stand the process. Having to rush after work, sit and wait near others who sometimes were sick but still showed up for their appt and then leaving unhappy with how my nails came out. I knew there MUST be another way…

Where it all began

I was introduced to the Kiara Sky Professional Nail Dip Powder Kit and I’ve never returned to the salon since!!

It was an investment up front to get the kit and tools needed but if you think about how much you spend each time you go to the salon it would save you money in the long run. When you go to the salon you don’t get anything but 2 weeks of perfectly manicured nails. That’s it.

With this kit you have months of manicures at a fraction of the cost. I will show you the ways to get salon quality nails at home. One 10oz dip powder (cost ~15) will provide roughly 10-20 sets.

Why Kiara Sky?

There are a ton of other brands out there. To be honest it’s a brand a friend suggested to me and I liked it so much I’ve never tried another brand. An added perk is that this line is cruelty free. I can say I have been using this product for several years and have had a nail chip or break only a handful of times. I am an outdoorsy person so I’m not easy on them. It’s impressive how durable this brand is.

What will you need?

Well to start I’d recommend a decent nail drill and the Kiara Sky Dip System Color Kit which includes steps 1-6 (bond, base, seal protect, top coat, nourish oil and brush saver) and 5 dip powders. I’d also suggest nail files of different grits (for different steps of the process), a cuticle pusher, a cuticle nipper, and of course…time. To remove the polish I use a steam off gel remover system.

The best part of doing your nails at home?

Well for me, the best part of doing my nails at home is the convenience of being able to do my nails at any hour I wish. I don’t have to rush after work or try to get to the salon during the weekend when it can be packed. You can watch your favorite show, enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage and wear PJs all the while doing your nails. Lets not forget the amount of money saved by no longer paying for this salon service!

Stay tuned…

I look forward to sharing my tips, techniques and fails with you on this blog. Be sure to bookmark this page to your favorites to stay tuned for additional beauty tips I’ve learned along the way!

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